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Sciatica is a common condition that refers to pain along the sciatic nerve.This nerve stretches from the back down both legs to the ankles and can cause severe pain and difficulty walking if injured. The condition occurs when the nerve is compressed due to movement or an injury to 

the back. Whatever the cause, physical therapy can be an excellent treatment route that provides healing and strength for when you’re back on your feet. Physical therapy will help you regain mobility and prevent further injury in the future. 

Common Signs of Sciatica 

A major symptom of Sciatica is intense pain radiating down the back and down the legs. The pain can range from a dull ache to sharp shooting pains. It can make most movements very difficult and prevent you from going to work or being active. Other symptoms like tingling or numbness are also often the result of sciatica. In severe cases patients can lose feeling and strength in their entire leg which can result in loss of the ability to walk, stand, and place weight on the leg. 

How to Find Solutions For Your Sciatica 

There are many solutions for helping with sciatica. Solutions can range anywhere from dietary changes to surgery. It is very important to keep moving and stretch your back and legs. This can prevent muscle tightness and prevent the condition from getting worse. Physical Therapy can be very helpful for this. Moving with Sciatica can be difficult and very painful but a physical therapist can guide you through careful stretches and exercises to help loosen the back muscles, decrease nerve compression, and strengthen your back. In addition to physical therapy, changing your diet to include more magnesium can help with muscle tightness and using hot or cold packs can help your body relax. 

Finding Solutions for Sciatica in Oklahoma 

Sciatica is a painful condition that takes time and strength to conquer. Here at Physical Therapy Central we are ready to guide you through the rehabilitation process. We provide a comfortable environment to help you through pain free movement. Whether you have been struggling for years or have just recently had a flare up, we want to provide you with the help and encouragement to start healing your Sciatica today!

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PT Central has the greatest therapists! The staff is kind, welcoming, and thoughtful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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If you’re looking for someone caring to help get you back to normal… you must come to PT Central.

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I will always come to PT Central. If I could, I would rate it more than 5 Stars. These people deserve a higher rating.

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This is the best experience I’ve ever had. They’re extremely knowledgeable and truly care about helping people.

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