Physical Therapy For Carpal Tunnel Oklahoma City, Edmond & Surrounding Cities

The best treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is usually physical therapy. Your physical therapist at PT Central in Oklahoma City and Edmond is highly trained in strategies to solve the problem that created your carpal tunnel issue in the first place. Your PT will offer exercises, ways to modify your daily activities, and long-term solutions to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from returning! You will complete a program that improves the mobility and strength of muscles and joints surrounding the neck, shoulders, and wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome is quite common, impacting around five percent of the United States population at any given time. The primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is overuse of the wrist, forearms, and upper extremities. This typically happens with jobs or hobbies that involve repetitive lifting, wrist or hand motion, or typing. The median nerve travels from your neck, through your wrist, and to your thumb, index, and middle finger. With carpal tunnel syndrome, the median nerve becomes compressed due to inadequate space for the nerve to glide (from things like inflammation and large muscle size). These three fingers will become numb, the forearm muscles will become weak, and the whole area will be painful as carpal tunnel syndrome progresses.

Stretches for Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel treatment strategies involve stretches and mobility exercises to create more room for the median nerve. Common stretches will focus on the forearm muscles that connect from the elbow down to the hand and on the neck to create more flexibility and reduce tension. While you are working on creating flexibility, your physical therapist will also help to strengthen the muscles around the wrist, neck, and arm to allow you to return to your normal activities. Your therapy program will be customized to you, be adjusted with your progress, and aim to solve the cause of your symptoms.

Physical Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Pain

The main options when someone has carpal tunnel pain are surgery, physical therapy, and pain medications. Physical therapy is necessary whether someone has surgery or not, to strengthen and return to activities. It is important to seek physical therapy treatment as soon as you have symptoms for the best long-term results. Your physical therapist will be able to help you manage symptoms better so you can modify your activities rather than stop using the hand and wrist completely while you heal. 

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