Our 2020 Scorecard Is In!

Since we opened our doors, our goal has been to provide long-lasting outcomes for our patients, reducing their need for surgery, medication, or diagnostic imaging. To accomplish this goal, we focus on three things – empathy and compassion, clinical excellence, and customer service.

This means that every time you interact with us, we want three things to be true:

1. Every person you speak to, whether you’re scheduling an appointment, receiving treatment, or paying a bill, treats you with the utmost respect and compassion and is willing to go the extra mile on your behalf.

2. You’re seen by a physical therapist who is an expert in their field and continuously learns new techniques to help you heal quickly and effectively, making them exceptionally qualified to treat you.

3. Your friends and family highly recommend us, and you do, too. In fact, we’ll be your first call the next time you’re feeling an ache or pain.

We know what you’re thinking – no brainer, right?! Isn’t that what every healthcare provider wants? Isn’t that the kind of service I should expect? Of course, it is. But how do you know, besides taking our word for it, that we’re actually hitting those marks? Until now you couldn’t, because no one has measured it before.

Ergo, our scorecard. We’ve done the research, and we’d like to show you how we stack up. In instances where we can compare ourselves to the physical therapy community, we’ve done so. In other cases, where no industry data exists, the benchmarks come from universally accepted customer service data or the (extremely high!) goals we’ve set for ourselves.

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