At last, a more effective, evidence-based alternative for chronic pain, innovated by Confluent Health and available exclusively at PT Central.

You're exhausted. You've struggled with chronic pain for months, maybe years. You feel alone. You've tried everything: injections, narcotics, MRIs, a different narcotic, physical therapy, a chiropractor, maybe surgery. The drugs are dangerously addictive and make you drowsy or confused or nauseous. You're missing out on the things you love to do or activities with family and friends. Nothing helps, you're miserable, and it's not getting better.

You need something new, something different. You want partners who walk with you, not judge you. Wouldn't it be nice to have a team of caring experts on your side? Someone who doesn't think you're crazy, that you're trying to cheat the system, or that you're making this all up? Someone that listens to you, understands you, and believes in you?


The Pain Squad™ can help. It's new and not just another in a long line of underwhelming, ineffectual approaches. Focused and highly specialized to provide a combination of techniques, tools, and services based on the best science, The Pain Squad™ provides effective & lasting results for people with chronic pain. People just like you.

By integrating physical therapy, behavioral health, and innovative technology solutions, The Pain Squad™ provides a more effective, science-based alternative to opioid-based treatments. The Pain Squad™ is tailor-made to provide much-needed, high-quality, and personal care for people experiencing chronic pain.

Call The Pain Squad™ today to get started on your journey to high-quality, personal care.

Want to Know More?

The Pain Squad™ is a Confluent Health program available exclusively at our clinics. You can learn more about Confluent Health's innovations in combatting chronic pain by providing a more effective, evidence-based alternative to opioid-based treatments here.

Am I Eligible for The Pain Squad™?

The Pain Squad™ is designed to bring relief to patients experiencing chronic pain, including those who:

  • Are non-surgical candidates (possibly due to prior surgeries that didn't address or resolve the pain)

  • Have tried physical therapy before

  • Have experienced multiple treatments that did not work

  • Are concerned that movement makes pain worse

Candid image of an attractive patient during a appointment with professional asian physiotherapist in design kinesio clinic working and massaging her neck and shoulder pain

Pain Squad FAQ