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Our pediatric specialists at PT Central are trained to address your child’s unique needs, help them keep up with their peers, and thrive in school and sports!

What is a Pediatric Physical Therapist? 

A Pediatric Physical Therapist is a very important tool for growing children who struggle with any sort of developmental difficulties or even athletic injuries. Many children experience injuries whether it is from playing on the playground or playing a sport. And while children heal quickly and often bounce back like nothing ever happened, physical therapy is an important element to their healing process. Not only can physical therapy ensure that they heal correctly and quickly, it can equip children with the tools to prevent reinjury and give them confidence and strength to be active and healthy. Pediatric physical therapy can improve a child’s balance, coordination, and mobility all while teaching them to have fun through safe activities. 

What Conditions Can Pediatric Physical Therapy Help With 

Pediatric Physical Therapy can be used to treat a variety of different health conditions in children whether they are developmental disabilities or injuries. Therapy is often very successful in helping children rehabilitate from injuries related to sports or physical activity such as broken bones or sprained ankles. Beyond helping patients minimize their recovery time and learn how to safely recuperate, working one on one with a pediatric physical therapist can help children gain independence and confidence through their healing. Physical Therapy for pediatric patients who need guidance through recovery and want the support of a therapist solely focused on healing and strengthening their spirit and body. 

Visit Experts in Pediatrics at Physical Therapy Central 

Your child's recovery and development is our top priority. At Physical Therapy Central, our expert staff will use an individualized treatment plan to heal and encourage our patients while helping them gain confidence in their strength. Our services are designed to help support not only your child but your family as well. It is our goal to help your child grow and heal while helping them enjoy the therapy process and learn how to care for their bodies. Children face many difficulties growing up and healing from injuries or growing through disabilities can prove to be challenging and discouraging. With personal care at Physical Therapy Central, we provide a safe and uplifting environment to guide your child through recovery.

Free Screen on Us

We offer complimentary screens at all PT Central locations. If you’ve been dealing with a nagging injury or persistent pain, don’t wait any longer.

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This is what every physical therapy experience is supposed to be. Hands-on. Intelligent. Caring.

five stars Allen L. PT Central Patient

PT Central has the greatest therapists! The staff is kind, welcoming, and thoughtful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

five stars Vicki O. PT Central Patient

If you’re looking for someone caring to help get you back to normal… you must come to PT Central.

five stars Tierra G. PT Central Patient

I will always come to PT Central. If I could, I would rate it more than 5 Stars. These people deserve a higher rating.

five stars Joyan M. PT Central Patient

This is the best experience I’ve ever had. They’re extremely knowledgeable and truly care about helping people.

five stars Jake B. PT Central Patient

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Schedule an appointment or call us at (866) 866-3893 to discuss more options.

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