Linda: Resolving hip pain with manual physical therapy in 4 weeks

Learn how Linda, age 56, got back to her yoga class after working with her physical therapist to eliminate her hip pain.

The Pain: Linda had been suffering from pain in her left hip for over a year. It was gradually getting worse. She was struggling to rotate her left hip, and the pain was radiating down to her thigh, groin, and knee. She wasn’t sure how the pain had started.

Linda was no longer able to enjoy the yoga class she regularly attended with her daughters.

The Program: After meeting with her dedicated physical therapist, Linda was prescribed hands-on physical therapy, which included dry needling to desensitise the trigger points in her muscles, and joint mobilization.

Over 2 visits a week for 4 weeks, she also worked on an prescribed therapeutic exercise program which included 15 minutes on the AlterG Treadmill.

The Result: After undergoing her physical therapy treatment, Linda’s pain resolved completely. She’s now pain free, and able to rotate her hip completely.

The best part about completing physical therapy is that Linda is able to get back to attending her yoga class with her daughters.

Whether it’s yoga or running, football or tennis, don’t let your injury hold you back from doing what brings you joy. Call us today to learn how you can enjoy the results Linda has achieved for herself.

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