Joan: Eliminating neck and shoulder pain in 3 weeks

Learn how Joan, age 42, tackled her pain and resulting headaches through physical therapy and exercise.

The Pain: Joan hadn’t suffered from any recent injuries or trauma. But for some reason she’d had severe and consistent neck pain for 3 weeks that was radiating to her right shoulder blade. She wasn’t sure how the pain began.

The pain was so bad Joan couldn’t bend or rotate towards her right side. On top of that, she was suffering from daily headaches.

The Plan: After an in-depth conversation with her PT, they figured out she needed hands-on physical therapy. Joan’s dedicated physical therapist also taught her to manage her headaches on her own by working with her on a therapeutic exercise program.

The Results: After 6 sessions in 3 weeks, Joan’s neck and shoulder pain is completely gone.

Joan is back to a full range of motion on her right side. Plus, her headaches are far less frequent.

Is your shoulder and neck pain causing you to lose a range of motion? Call us today to find out how we can help you enjoy the results Joan received.

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