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1260 W. Covell Rd.
Edmond, OK 73003
Get Directions phone: (405) 471-5522 fax: (405) 471-5599

Clinic Hours

7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Ready to get started with physical therapy?

We understand how frustrating it is to feel trapped by pain and limitations. Our team is here to listen to you and create a treatment plan to get you back to the life you love. Take your first step toward living a pain-free life.

If you are looking for therapy in northern Edmond, check out the Edmond North PT Central location! This clinic is fully staffed with top physical therapists and is located near Mitch Park. Our team of therapists is fully equipped to help with whatever brings you to therapy including pain, expert spine care, injury prevention, and many other things!

Convenient Physical Therapy and Spine Care in Edmond North, Oklahoma

At PT Central we know that your long term health and wellness depends on your ability to be active and participate in your community! In order to make therapy as smooth and convenient as possible for all of our patients, we make sure we have locations in your neighborhoods or surrounding areas. This PT Central location is near Mitch Park. Visit the Edmond North location to meet our fantastic team of specialized therapists and understand for yourself why this is one the best places to go for physical therapy in Edmond, Oklahoma!

Treatments & Specialties at Our Clinic

Our highly trained professionals are here to help you, no matter what your physical therapy needs are! At PT Central we understand that everyone needs a slightly different approach, so we make sure that our plan for your care matches your interests and your goals. The physical therapists at the Edmond location are trained in a wide variety of treatment methods and will be sure to find one that works for you! We can help with common complaints such as shoulder, back, hip, or knee pain, as well as work with you on your balance to reduce falls.  Other treatment specialties include sports physical therapy, headaches, lymphedema, pelvic health, TMJ disorder, and vestibular imbalances. Whether you are experiencing a new problem or have been dealing with your complaint for years, thousands of incredible patient testimonials prove that we can help. At PT central we think of therapy as a team, and the patient is the MVP. We are all here to support you and to help you return to your normal activities quickly and safely. Not only are we sure we can help, but we also want to make the therapy process fun and encouraging. We value your input and feedback as we design a care plan that meets your needs and health goals.

Meet Our Northern Edmond Team

Physical therapy is an important step on the road to recovery and at PT Central it is our goal to assist you on every step of the way. Whether you have completed physical therapy before or are new to the process, everyone’s reason for coming to PT Central is unique and each of our team members are ready to help you at any step of your recovery journey. Our physical therapists (PT, DPT) have received doctorate-level education and will be in charge of your treatment and care. At your first visit with us, one of our physical therapists will record your information and measurements through a series of questions and further discuss your values and ideals for therapy. For every follow-up visit that you have, your treatment will either come from a physical therapist (PT, DPT) or a physical therapist assistant (PTA). They will walk you through the various exercises designed especially for your recovery. The other half of our team here at PT Central  is made up of our business managers and front desk associates. This attentive and highly-organized team can help you with appointment scheduling, insurance matters and will answer any questions you may have!

Meet the Staff

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Meg Robinson PT, DPT, OCS
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Erin Hannink PT, MPT
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Lauren Coleman PTA
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Christy Nix PT, DPT, OCS
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Kayla Enloe PT, DPT

Hear what other PT Central patients have to say.

This is what every physical therapy experience is supposed to be. Hands-on. Intelligent. Caring.

five stars Allen L. PT Central Patient

PT Central has the greatest therapists! The staff is kind, welcoming, and thoughtful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

five stars Vicki O. PT Central Patient

If you’re looking for someone caring to help get you back to normal… you must come to PT Central.

five stars Tierra G. PT Central Patient

I will always come to PT Central. If I could, I would rate it more than 5 Stars. These people deserve a higher rating.

five stars Joyan M. PT Central Patient

This is the best experience I’ve ever had. They’re extremely knowledgeable and truly care about helping people.

five stars Jake B. PT Central Patient

Ready to reclaim your life? PT Central is here to help.