Physical Therapy Observation

If you are interested in observation hours, contact the local clinic directly and set up a time with the receptionist. The clinic phone numbers can be found under the "locations" tab.

What to wear? Dress is professional-casual. Khaki pants and a knit polo shirt for men and dress pants and nice shirt for women.

What to bring? Leave all personal items in your car, this includes purse, wallet and cell phone.

Job Shadowing Agreement: Hand deliver your Job Shadowing Agreement with a copy of your current school schedule to the receptionist when you come to do your observation. Each semester we usually need to hire as current employees graduate or are accepted in physical therapy school.

Interested in a tech position? If you are applying for a position as a Physical Therapy Technician, complete your application here. Click Here (.doc) Then, email the clinics directly with your completed application, resume and cover letter:

Where to park? Park away from the front door and save the good spots for the patients. Thank you.

Internship Hours via OU: If you would like to apply for intern hours, contact the Dr. Craig Hofford to learn more about the program. Dr. Hofford will contact the local clinics.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email the individual clinics.