Testimonials: Pauls Valley Clinic

"We are fortunate to have Physical Therapy Central in this area. I have had two total knee replacements this year. My speedy recuperation is because of the professional care, intense therapy, compassion, and sincere interest from the champion team of therapists at Physical Therapy Central. I have met and visited other patients with many different needs during my therapy. Kahn Nirschl and his well educated and trained staff met their needs as well. It is reassuring to know that these professionals not only know what they are doing, they explain the "how, why, and wherefore" of treatment. This staff sincerely cares about your comfort, progress, and ultimately your recovery. Need physical therapy? Call Physical Therapy Central, I'm certainly glad I did!"

- D.W.

"Over the last year, I have had two knee replacements and some shoulder surgery. I must say, that without the pleasant and positive care I have received at Physical Therapy Central, I feel sure I would not have recovered so quickly. The staff is always encouraging and helpful. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for excellent professional care."

- S.C.

"I look forward to my therapy appointments at Physical Therapy Central because I can tell that they are really helping me. The staff is so congenial that the hours I spend there pass away very quickly. I can truly recommend Physical Therapy Central if you need help recovering from surgery or injury."

- H.M.