Testimonials: Oklahoma City Clinic

"From day one of my post surgery physical therapy, I have always felt I was the most important person in the building and I have to believe that there are others that felt the same way. My PT, Jamie, always knew where I should be with my recovery, she knew my tolerances, she new where that pain threshold was and how to get me to the next level of my recovery. She knew what motivated me and knew how to make me inspired when things weren't progressing like I wanted. What began as a possible burden of recovery became a wonderful experience. My therapists and techs were all very professional an kind and I felt like they were all family. If I ever have to be in physical therapy again, I'm going right back to PT Central and Jamie. As far as I'm concerned they are the only Physical Therapists in town."

- Mark Pritchard

"Physical Therapy Central has the very best staff and they are all dedicated to improving their patients' health! I give them an A+++."

- Pat Woods

"My therapist actually discovered that I had pulmonary embolism. Not only did she do a wonderful job on my therapy, but Jennifer also saved my life."

- Byron Doner